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Welcome to Resilience Health Systems headquartered in Euclid, Ohio and Port Huron, Michigan. We are Euclid Ohio's first, direct, multispecialty concierge medical practice—for individuals who value a personal relationship with their doctor and the peace of mind that goes with it. 




Personalized Care is Extraordinary Care.


Resilience Health Systems patients receive an extraordinary level of personalized, direct care, and direct contact with their doctor. Our patients enjoy:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Longer visits with their doctor
  • House calls when appropriate
  • Visits to hospital and Telemed appointments when a medical neccesity arises.
  • Physical Therapy and Fiitness Training offered by only medical nationally certified and approved personal trainers of Group4 Fitness Systems.
  • Unparalleled access including cell phone and email access
  • A commitment to your health through disease prevention and wellness education
  • Telemedicine is also available in Ohio, NY, NJ, MI, CT, PA, and FL  through Resilience Health Systems where are satellite locations are not available.

We work for our patients – without limitations providing excellance in medical attention and patient care.


At Resilience Health Systems, our concierge physicians specialize in internal medicine, endocrinology and chiropractic care. We dedicate our attention to a smaller number of patients so we can take the time to get to know youyour historyyour story. We believe that truly understanding our patients makes us more effective doctors.




Bart Stein,  President  & CEO ... "The mission of the Resilience Health Systems Corp (RHSC) is to improve the health of all through Concierge Primary Care Nationally and within the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing physician to patient exceptional care with respect and compassion and with a commitment to serving people regardless of life circumstance. We are committed to assisting you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle through altering lifestyle, personal fitness training,  hormone replacement and weight loss therapy. Your Success is Our Success. We Are Family!"



Interested in medical help at your fingertips?


Our Director of Patient Experience and Clincal Care states....

If you'd like a personal concierge doctor who can offer you the attention you need and the time you deserve, and help you wade through the challenges of the health care system, consider the concierge physicians of Resilience Health Systems.-  


Positive patient experience is a must at Resilience  Health Systems.  Dr. Donavon Huff, PhD. is one of the leaders in Operations Management and Master Fitness Training development and implementation.  We would like to welcome you to all our site locations today!




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Resilience Clinic is a division of Resilience Health Systems Corporation *Please Note All satellite offices of Resilience Clinic locations listed on site are Independently Owned and Operated.